About US

I am Grace White Feather, the founder of the Letting Go Academy of Holistic Learning.

2005 was the start of a vision for me to create a place for other people to come, where they could be relaxed and at peace with themselves and others.

Where people could make different choices and adapt to a new way of thinking. Where they could learn to look at everyday situations outside the box. By becoming aware of what the soul, mind, spirit needs and not just the physical body.

To create a place where teachers, readers, healers, therapists and light workers could come and work with the highest of integrity. A place where they can help you to learn, grow, mentor and give the best service to you, so you can become the best you can be.

The Academy was built from the ground up with the intention to create a safe space for souls to come and be in harmony with one another. The place to call home, away from home, where you will rise above your own limitations to awaken to your true self.

With a lot of hard work, persistence and the help from loved ones, family and friends the Academy begun. At first with only 2 students, and as the years passed we now welcome over 250 students as well as clients and we are still growing. It’s been a long process at times but I have never lost hope or my path.

I embarked on a healing journey that led me to become the teacher I am today. My journey as a healer taught me to learn (or remember) who I truly am, my authentic self. I now work with people from all walks of life and from all belief systems. I am a Multi-Dimensional Healer, Shaman, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist and use many other healing techniques. I now teach from beginner to practitioner levels.

I love my work and hope to always have the strength and support to continue working.

My vision for the Academy is for it to continue growing so one day it can be passed on to a future generation so they can continue the work of love and self-empowerment.