Letting Go Academy Readers

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Frank Brancatisano

Tarot, Psychic, Mediumship, Psychometric & Reiki Master

Frank discovered his gifts at an early age.

Being born into a psychic family consisting of clairvoyant Grandmother and a medium Great Grandmother.

Frank started reading cards and developing mediumship at the age of twelve homing in on his gifts and exploring all the things mystical. Frank has read for people from all walks of like from everyday housewives to corporate executives.

Frank’s no nonsense “says it how it is” style of readings always make him a popular choice.

Saturday 10am-2pm

30 min $62

60 min $118


Miriam Marmolejo

Psychic Medium

Miriam connects with the energies to give you psychic reading, she also connects with Spirit and passes on loving messages, bringing peace, comfort and healing to those wanted to hear from their loved-ones.

Miriam’s connection and compassion to her readings are of the heights truth and integrity. All her sessions are held in a space of complete love and non-judgement to assist in the healing process.
In addition to work as a Clairvoyant-Medium, Miriam also does Psychic Readings, Colour Therapy, Crystal Colour Therapy, Iridology and is a Spiritual Healer.

Wednesday 5pm-9pm

30 min $62

60 min $118

Pamela Pozo

Energy Reading & Balance

The energy evaluation includes chakras, the emotion, spirit, physical, mental and aura.

Using a combination of healing techniques this process is designed to give insight into how your energy functions so you may better understand your life.

Each reading and balance is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Wednesday 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

60 min $93



Psychic Medium

Patrick’s ability to channel Angels helps him to act as the link between worlds to establish communication from your loved ones who have crossed over.

He endeavours to communicate their messages of love and guidance though his readings.

Saturday 10am-2pm

30 min $62

60 min $118



Christine Haas Visionary Artist and Psychic Medium

Christine Haas

Visionary Artist & Psychic Medium

Christine will give you insight into your future using the art of oracle, tarot and angelic reading cards. Christine is also a visionary artist who will connect to a higher knowing and draw a picture of your spirit guide, angel, animal, ect. She will then interpret your drawing and deliver you the meaning and the message behind the drawing.

Wednesday 10am-2pm & 5pm-9pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

30 min $62

Drawing & Pictures

45mins $108

Readers Available For Private Party ‘One on One’ Readings

Booking Fee $62

15 minutes – $37 pp (Minimum of 8)

30 minutes – $62 pp (Minimum of 6)

Platform Readings

$32 (Minimum of 6)

$27 at the Academy (Saturday only)