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What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy working with the planetary energies. I like to study the connection between celestial activity and earth events. I feel satisfaction when people understand their potential and connect with their emotions to be their best.

What is your favourite colour?

I love pinky-peach colours and orange. Pink is feminine and sweetness. Orange is cheerful and stimulates creativity.

What is your strength?

Honesty and loyalty.

Honesty leads to authenticity. By being authentic I can be proud of who I am and where I am from.

Loyalty is the responsibility I feel to people.

Favourite past time/hobby

I love swimming and Zumba. Swimming calms my mind and Zumba feeds my soul with happiness.

What does spiritualty mean to you?

Love between our connection with our soul and the oneness of the universe.

Favourite quote?

“As above, so below”. It means that whatever is happening in our universe has an effect on us.

What would you like to give the world?

Understanding of our self, our emotions, thoughts and feelings, our actions, responsibility, originality, spirituality and our dreams and fears in order to be our best.

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