Frank Brancatisano

Frame_FrankBPsychic Medium

What do you enjoy about your work?

I enjoy the fact that I am able to connect clients to loved ones that have passed over.

I love that I am able to tell them about future events.

I love that I can offer them a sense of hope & bring a smile back to their face.

What is your favourite colour?


What is your strength?

Being organised!

Favourite past time/hobby?

Reading books. Usually new age/spiritual books. This not only interests me but also expands my knowledge and improves my readings.

What does spiritualty mean to you?

Spirituality means one. We are all one.

Regardless of how much money we have, how smart we are, regardless of our gender, race etc those things are meaningless. We are all souls here to learn on earth.

We are all equal. And we need to help each other evolve.

When this happens, all the little things will take care of themselves.

Favourite quote – 

“Whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free . .  your true self comes out” -Tina Turner.

What would you like to give the world?

I would like to give healing and hope to the world.

Don’t let a minority of people who are negative ruin it for everyone.

I want to teach everyone that there are good people out there and by creating harmonious relationship with ourselves and loved ones we start a domino effect and soon everyone is practicing peace and love! Let’s start now!!

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