Lorna Hollinger

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What do you enjoy about your work?

I love being able to give people the gift of knowing themselves on a deeper level than they already have. I love sharing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), whether it’s through private sessions or in the workshops I deliver.

I believe people are like the pebble in their own pond. Once they start to make changes, the ripples change and how they impact the people around them changes too.  It’s fabulous when I hear how not only their life has changed but that of their children, their partner, their family.  It’s such a buzz to be part of their individual journey and to know the work I do impacts much further than the people I am in front of.

What is your favourite colour?

Orange and Red

What is your strength?

My ability to give people what they need when they need it, rather than what they want

Favourite past time/hobby

Reading, creative design, exploring more about what makes people tick

What does spiritualty mean to you?

My ability to connect with myself and then to connect with others

Favourite quote?

If you’re always trying  to be  ‘normal’ you’ll never know how amazing you can be! Maya Angelou

Life is too important to be taken seriously. Oscar Wilde

What would you like to give the world?

A place to heal, to connect, to become one

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