Miriam Marmolejo

Psychic Medium / Tarot Cards


What do you enjoy about your work?

Being able to connect with people love ones and helping them move to the next level in their life,
connecting them to their hearts and path to self.

What is your favourite colour?


What is your strength?

Being compassionate,kindness and not judgemental

Favourite past time/hobby

Spending time with family, reading , gardening, dancing, music and i just love travel.

 What does spiritualty mean to you?

Knowing that we are all one, we all connect, self acceptance and knowing that we all equals.

Favourite quote?

I am not my parents or their patterns
I am my own true self, and I am free
– Louise L Hay

What would you like to give the world?

Peace, Harmony and unconditional love.

Readings with Miriam Marmolejo

Psychic Medium