Sharon Hood


Psychic, Mediumship


What do you enjoy about your work?

I love the way we can help people with their grief, to put a smile back on their face and to give people peace and hope for the future. I enjoy teaching people how to connect to spirit in my mediumship class, to bring the best out of them. Teaching is my passion.

What is your favourite colour?

Pink and Jade

What is your strength?

My personality

Favourite past time/hobby?

My family, my holiday house and walks, reading books and going to the movies

What does spirituality mean to you?

To try to be a good and honest person to myself and others.

Favourite quote?

Yesterday is history, today is now, tomorrow is a mystery,

Keep your life real and simple. To love openly and honesty

What would you like to give the world?

I would like to give the world happiness, hope and unconditional love.

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