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Saturday; 10.00am to 2.00pm

Weekdays by Appointment Only.

Most of our products are Australian made.

One off Handmade Medicine bags, Drum Bags, Dream Charkhas, Protection and Healing soy Candles.

We also make things to suit client.

We also have a selection of Incense, Herbs, Crystals, Books, CD’s, Candles, Sun Charkas, Neckless, Rings, Posters, Cards, Oils, Perfume Oils, Salt Lamps, Angel’s Oracle Cards, and much more.

Gift Vouchers are also available for all of our services.


Australian Made Essential Oils, Crystals, Herbs and Aura Soma Colours


Spray around your work place, study or

money corner of your home to attract

abundance into your life.

Father Sun Meditation

Induces a sense of calm contemplation

and tranquillity assisting in reaching a

deeper meditative state.


Has a calming effect on the mind

and body to balance mood swings

and relieve anxiety.

Four Directions

North – East – South – West

Earth- Air- Fire -Water

Use to open circles or to create a sacred

space for healing, readings or rituals

Clearing / Protection

Use around your aura or room to

clear and protect against negativity

and spiritual energies.


An uplifting blend which helps to

stimulate the senses and increase

mental clarity and joy.


Helps relieve mental fatigue and aid

memory retention while promoting

a positive frame of mind.


Spray around the aura or room to promote

balance and healing to the body or

atmosphere against illness or malice.

House Purification

Use it to clear your home, car or

workplace from negative or lower energy.

Mother Earth Grounding

Use to ground yourself or others, close

sacred circles or ceremonies.


An alluring blend of sensual oils renowned

for aphrodisiac properties which may promote


Sleep Soundly

Helps relax and relieve mental tension

aiding the onset of sleep cycle.